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LifeGuide Elite is there for you and your family over the years.

Life happens

We Step In And Help Manage Life As It Happens

We are on hand over the course of our clients’ lives to step in and help to manage live events as they occur. Sometimes it is a simple matter of updating life plans based on changes to our clients’ lives.

Other times it is to help assess and manage a senior parent’s care at a skilled nursing facility or senior housing.

anticipated or non-anticipated long-term illness

Long-term illness can require continual changes in health care approaches as the illness progresses.

Changes to health care Approaches

We ensure the patient’s wishes are maintained throughout the progression of their illness. Often times, as an illness advances a patient’s wishes may change. We are advocates and work to keep the patient’s treatment aligned with their wishes.

Long-Term Care

Making sure your loved ones are getting the best care requires careful oversight. Long-term care facilities need to be monitored and your loved ones care carefully watched. LifeGuide Elite steps into this role and keeps an ongoing record of care for your loved one.

Financial Adjustments

As your life changes and your resources change, we are there to ensure your long-term goals are going to be met by adjusting your financial plans.


We are present for our clients to help manage life events that normally would take our clients away from their careers or time with loved ones.

support when you need it


You have worked hard to achieve the success you have. When you need support to help manage life events that would take you away from your family or career, LifeGuide Elite will be there.

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