love and support

providing the care your family needs

We help our clients by providing the love and support needed for loved ones who are aging and in need of attention and care.

showing you care

Your loved ones deserve the best

Our care is genuine and given with true compassion. By using LifeGuide Elite you are giving your loved ones the best care management available.

Facility review

We visit the facilities and review their care procedures and specifically the level of ongoing, daily care your loved one receives. We do this on an ongoing basis to ensure quality of care and quality of life is maintained at the highest level.

medical review

You may not be available to handle performing a proper review of the medical care and to interface with the treatment staff on an ongoing basis. This is where LifeGuide Elite helps by stepping in and taking this burdon from your hands.

dedicated care management

We provide ongoing, dedicated care management and spend what time is needed interfacing with medical staff, the facility, insurance claims agents, review boards and other treatment providers. Our experience helps ensure your loved ones care is second-to-none and that all their needs are provided for.

end-of-life care

We are there to help you through the end-of-life care. We work to ensure the comfort, care, and quality of life is maintained.


LifeGuide Elite will handle all of the final arrangements per your wishes. We are there with you hand-in-hand at this difficult stage of life.

comfort and quality of life

We are there when you can’t be.

LifeGuide Elite steps in and makes sure your loved one has everything they need to feel the love and support they deserve.

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